Group PHB

Specialty Support & Training

Seldom in the past have had corporations and organizations experienced such strain from technological and economical evolution as in present days. Special training and acquiring basic know-how are proven remedies for a smooth integration of the new technologies.

Training, continuous education and encouragement to acquire new competencies and develop modern approaches of the personal is a very beneficial investment for any organization to stay competitive in the ever more specialized markets.

Moreover, specialized training contributes to the success of the organization and gives value to the employer. In addition, it favors innovation and common practices amongst the employees, and in turn improves the team's force and common spirit.

Group PHB with its personnel exercises a similar step and proposes to its clients and partners specialized and "tailor made" technology transfer and support for LiDAR related activities as follows:


  • Establish work methodologies and determine quality control procedures (Organization and control of terrestrial geodetic surveys, Control of airborne kinematic geodetic operations, Verification of data integration, Data processing, Analysis, Data filtering, classification and extraction);
  • Elaborate derived products (DTM, DEM, contour lines "isorithms", image radiometry, visualization of three-dimensional simulations, profiling, volumetric computations, automatic vectorization procedures, etc.).


  • Flight height, lateral and longitudinal image overlap, resolution, precision.


  • Automated and assisted aerotriangulation, Ortho rectification and orthophoto mapping, three-dimensional imagery with LiDAR data.