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Soil Erosion

Erosion is a natural event caused primarily by the weather phenomena. The erosion of the grounds takes several forms and has positive and negative impacts.

Most researches are carried out to correct the negative impacts of erosion, often caused by human activities. Coastal erosions caused by tidal effects are usually monitored on a regular basis. Particular effects of human activities have a direct impact on soil erosion, on sediment deposits in watercourses or on the degradation of river banks and reservoirs in general.

Coastal Erosion  - Group PBH

Erosion Data

The combined use of airborne LiDAR data acquisition with photogrammetry technologies enables mapping and monitoring of erosion and sedimentation effects over significantly large areas and enable following investigations:

  • Analysis of surface runoff water flow and erosion impact studies;
  • Monitoring of reservoir shoreline erosions caused by extreme water level fluctuations;
  • Pinpoint sediment accumulation and obstructions in canals, near culverts and at rainwater catch basins;
  • Monitoring vegetation cover over manmade embankments;
  • Monitoring of topsoil displacement and erosion;