Group PHB

Forestry studies

The Group PHB maintains close links with several universities and research institutes in order to preserve its high scientific standards and state-of-the-art technology. This collaboration permits the Group PHB to offer its clients a vast range of very specialized services adapted to the specific needs of each project by using the LiDAR technology.

This partnership with researchers allowed considerable scientific progress in the use of the LiDAR technology that is most beneficial for forestry and agricultural studies.

Vegetation management  - Group PBH

The three-dimensional analysis facilitates vegetation management:

  • Identification of the forest and vegetation morphology;
  • Reconnaissance of homogeneous and heterogeneous vegetation;
  • Assessment of crown circumference;
  • Density assessment.

The classification modes and the data segmentation methods coupled with high quality digital images and well identified training sites favor optimize forest inventories management and biomass calculations.