Group PHB

Mining survey

Most open-pit operations have a lasting impact on the environment, affecting the stability of the land and often exacerbating the effects of land erosion which ultimately lead to the contamination of surrounding areas. Which is why a proper and thorough topographical survey of the affected area and a detailed evaluation of the mining potential is required to maximize the chances of success of any exploratory endeavor.

PHB offers mining companies the most detailed topographic data available thanks to its advanced LiDAR airborme laser mapping technology that makes the following possible:

Topographical Mining Map - Group PBH
  • Precise topographic mapping
  • Mapping of sampling and drilling sites
  • Analysis and planning of access roads
  • Mapping for permit requests and applications for mining rights
  • Planning for tailing sites
  • Planning for operation infrastructures (crushers, loading installations, processing plants, workshops and administrative installations)
  • Stability assessment of future tailing sites
  • Planning of drainage and rain streaming
  • Ongoing volumetric assessments during exploitation
  • Mapping of ground relief prior to exploitation