Group PHB

Roads and pipelines Infrastructure planning

Road and highway infrastructure planning, the layout of new railways or route modifications are often realized in urban zones and have significant impacts on the environment and have an effect on the human aspect.

The impact studies becoming more and more precise that take the localization of the infrastructures in account, require precise mapping, often supported by aerial images, thus enabling adequate inventory of the features in the affected territory.

The precision, the facility to analyze, the flexibility and the moderate acquisition costs makes the airborne LiDAR technology a most suitable tool to provide precise and all-embracing base maps for engineering purposes. Furthermore, LiDAR technology is very effective in surveillance procedures and maintenance projects.

Specific products are developed to satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients:

Road and Pipelines infrastructure planning - Group PBH
  • Constitution of basic data banks (DB) that integrate topographic features and various inventoried topics;
  • Digital data conversion and geocoding of existing conventional maps and analogical data;
  • Digital data structuring and harmonization of cartographic data;
  • Densification of existing geodetic networks;
  • Terrain modeling and 3-D simulations;
  • Integration of urban development plans and zoning planifications;
  • Development of specific tools for geocoded data processing;
  • Confection of 3-D models derived from LiDAR data to facilitate visual simulations and volume computations for engineers involved in route planning, resurfacing projects and enhancements of existing roads.

The great benefit of the airborne LiDAR technology is the precise and rapid data acquisition process of vast quantities data sets covering large areas and that can be easily manipulated.

Avoiding burdensome, time-consuming and costly ground surveys is the most significant and advantageous impact of well prepared aerial interventions, thus getting around interruptions of traffic and other related services.