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Our reference is our know-how and the satisfaction of our customers.

With our team of 50 technical specialists and the combined technologies of GPS control surveys, acquisition of airborne LiDAR data and aerial imagery, we are able to provide high quality base mapping for our clients worldwide.

  • Nigeria, Africa
    Lidar and photo survey for the state of Lagos

  • Brunei, Asia
    Lidar and photo survey

  • Trinidad Tobago
    Road design and routing studies

  • Calama, Chile
    Routing studies and design of oil pipeline

  • Quebec, Canada
    Routing studies of a gas pipeline

  • Quebec, Canada
    Maintenance and new layout of power lines, HYDRO-QUEBEC

  • Labrador City, Canada
    Railroad planning

  • Sumatra, Indonesia
    Planning of open-pit mining sites and follow-up of extractions and operations

  • HYDRO-QUEBEC, Quebec, Canada
    Studies and planning of a new hydroelectric complex comprising a new dam, reservoir and related infrastructures. Our services included also the delivery of selected profiles

  • Canada
    Studies of potential flooding zones in case of dam ruptures of hydraulic reservoirs

  • Quebec, Canada
    Analyses of potential flooding zones bordering 165 rivers

  • Quebec, Canada
    Erosion studies of the St-Lawrence riverbanks

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Analyzes of rock fall and landslide phenomena

  • Quebec, Canada
    Aquatic environmental studies

  • Quebec, Canada
    Studies of precise agricultural inventory models

  • Quebec, Canada
    Forestry studies

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Installation of a GIS

  • Bangkok, Thailand
    Special training in utilizing airborne acquired Lidar data

  • Alabama Power Corporation, USA
    Technical support in data processing

USA, Canada, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Senegal, Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, Japan, South Korea.