Group PHB

Powerlines systems analysis

Reliable operation of the infrastructures and ensuring the supply of electricity continuously and uninterrupted to its clients is the main concern of the maintenance department of any electricity generator and distributor. Various causes may trigger disturbances to the infrastructures, ranging from wear and tear to the ultimate breakdown of the equipment. Right of way disputes, immediate geographical surroundings, meteorological conditions and environmental circumstances present constant threats requiring therefore regular preventive follow-up procedures and ongoing monitoring of the infrastructures, and power systems analysis.

The LiDAR sensor coupled to a digital camera enables to capture simultaneously nearly all desired georeferenced data that is most important for monitoring, investigation and analysis purposes of the existing infrastructures and equipment. An adapted method can meet the investigation needs of various features, such as roads, paths, railroads, embankments, powerlines and secondary distribution lines, etc. PHB Group has rendered most satisfying services in the domain of combined acquisition of both LiDAR data and digital images to major electricity distributors, and particularly to Hydro-Québec. Its solid experience allows adapting to a vast range of different situations and is capable of fulfilling its client's expectations in a satisfactory and rapid manner.

Our electric infrastructure survey covered the following activities of our clients:

Electric Power Survey - Group PBH
  • Electrical and mechanical optimization program;
  • Verification of wire spacing;
  • Vegetation control;
  • Ambient heat control;
  • Inventory of right of ways;
  • Inventory of structures in the vicinity of live power lines;
  • Vertical clearance investigation over ground, water bodies and waterway systems.

The rapidity of the data acquisition and its post processing are most beneficial to the client, moreover, the field operations are safe since the activities are mainly airborne.