Group PHB

Cadastral surveying & mapping

The professional land surveyor identifies, delimits, measures and determines the location of public and private property; as well on ground level parcels, underground and above ground volumetric features surface. Its work in particular reveals for legal registration the property identification and the respective rights.

Cadastral Surveying - Group PBH

Land surveyors deem with pride to belong to one of the oldest trades in view of the fact that land claims and property delimitations have existed since the very early civilizations. The history and various forms of registration quote some of the most famous mathematicians and surveyors, namely Euclid of Alexandria, Pythagoras of Samos, Thales of Miletus and Archimedes of Syracuse are the most known geometers of the Greek civilization, while the Roman Empire designated the official institute "agrimensores".

Group PHB works in the field of cadastral surveys as well as the implementation of various infrastructures and is particularly specialized in the following fields:

  • Cadastral investigation and analysis;
  • Judicial boundary marking;
  • Cadastral updating;
  • Parceling and subdivision;
  • Investigation reports and analyses.