Group PHB

Land Slides

Rock falls, land slides and caving-in are usually caused by extreme seismic conditions, such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, but more frequently by the repeated water level fluctuations or by caving-in of slope bottoms.

Tidal effects are usually the cause for cliff collapses along shorelines.

The human activities can be directly related to these events; such as construction in zones of medium risk, transport infrastructures along slopes (roads, railways, etc.) where rainwater undermines structures after time.

Land Slides - Group PBH

Airborne LiDAR technology enables terrain modeling and more:

  • Monitoring of earth movement phenomena, planning of corrective measures to the ground relief or counteractive structures and volume computations of the respective earth displacements;
  • Enable engineers in planning stabilization works by the supply of precise measures of risky embankments.
  • Mapping of the danger zones and enable preventive planning.